Hi, my name is Rachael and I am the founder of Simply Veterinary Coaching.

I specialise in professional and personal growth coaching for leaders in the veterinary profession. 

My clients are typically Senior/Lead Vets, Clinical Directors, and practice owners, managing teams of 10+ people. 

I am known for developing self-aware veterinary leaders, connecting them with their strengths and blind spots so that they can be the change they want to create in their practice, and the wider profession.

I have been working with the veterinary profession for 9.5 years and have an intimate understanding of the lives, careers, and minds of veterinary professionals. 

Like many vets and nurses in leadership positions, starting out in my field I didn't plan on becoming a leader or manager, but when the opportunity arose back in 2014 it seemed like the next natural step. Stepping into leadership propelled me down a path of profound personal growth to release anything and everything that would hold me back from showing up as the best leader for my team.

As a result of my own journey and extensive training and experience, I am known for creating big shifts within veterinary leaders which then ultimately creates big shifts in their teams and the results they achieve.

If you'd like to connect, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.



My Background

9.5 years as owner of Simply Veterinary, providing headhunting and coaching services to the veterinary industry.

A track record of doing things differently, and getting unique results.

An intimate understanding of the lives, careers, and minds of veterinary professionals. 

An exceptional ability to uncover the true values and motivations of people which has resulted in 277 successful introductions of vets to practices across the UK with an average length of service of 3.5 years.

A unique birds eye view of the industry which allows me to provide objective perspective and refreshingly different insights.

Extensive and continuous training and experience in my field. I live and breathe personal growth and development. It's my passion and my calling.