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Hi, my name is Rachael Paul. I have been serving the veterinary profession since 2013 as owner of Simply Veterinary Specialist Headhunters, and Simply Veterinary Coaching.

The years I have spent learning about the lives and minds of veterinary professionals combined with my professional coach training makes me uniquely placed to coach and guide people towards what they really want in both their lives and careers. 

I was inspired to host this workshop as I know a lot of vets out there are giving consideration to what they want next for their career.

The last couple of years has been pure chaos and has left people with little space for reflection, planning, and making positive changes. It is time to move out of survival / reactive mode and think more proactively about what you want, what's important to you, and how you will begin to create that in your world. 

This workshop will be powerful, full of insights, and fun at the same time. Come and share space with people just like you, who are ready to be shown what they can't see yet, and open up possibilities and opportunities they don't know exist yet. 



Are you feeling the itch for a new challenge but feeling unsure about what that is?

Are you unsure whether staying in general practice is really the way forward for you?

Have you been prioritising raising your family and now want to focus on your career again?

Are you thinking about the next phase of professional growth and what that looks like for you?

Here's what we'll be exploring...

  • How to uncover what you really, really want next in your career. 

  • How to feel more confident about the decisions you make. 

  • Aligning your career choices with your values.

  • How to make the transition into your new future simple. (Not necessarily easy, but definitely simple!)

You will leave this workshop with a clear action plan for what to do next, and a new sense of clarity, direction, focus, and energy. 

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David - Vet

Thanks to the Career Crossroads Workshop I was able to put what was important to me front and centre in my career which had a positive knock on effect into all areas of my life. There was a lot I was doing because I felt it was expected of me as a male vet with a certain level of experience, but now I can enjoy what I really want which is being a part time vet and more present father to my children. 

Annie - Vet

Having attended the Career Crossroads Workshop back in 2019 I have made a lot of changes in my life and in my job. It helped me to start making bolder choices about things I had put off making decisions on for a long time out of fear. I am now on a path that feels right for me, and I'm grateful for the space to have explored that. I have no doubt others will take a lot of value from this just like I did.

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