Coaching by email

Not quite ready to dive head first into coaching by phone or video?

Do you have scheduling or budget constraints preventing you from committing to a coaching program?

Do you find it easier and less daunting to write down your thoughts instead of sharing them verbally?

That's ok! 

Now you can enjoy the motivation and accountability of working with a Coach, with a flexible, easy to use and highly accessible alternative - email coaching!

Through email coaching I can help you to:


Help you understand what you really want.


Define your goals and create an action plan.


Work through difficult situations and make tricky choices and decisions.


Resolve inner conflict. Overcome procrastination.

Advantages of email coaching:


Up to 5 email replies per week

Quick Turnaround

Responses within 24 hours

Affordable & Convenient

Affordable alternative to phone and in-person coaching.

Email when it is convenient for you; no need to schedule an appointment.


Perfect for brainstorming, strategising, life questions, decisions and dilemmas.

I was called to become a Coach after going through a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth myself. Life threw a myriad of obstacles and challenges my way and I found inner strength I didn't know I had.


The day I got a Coach to support me, my world changed! 

I was able to face all of life's challenges with renewed energy, insight and clarity. I was empowered to make choices and decisions and felt guided every step of the way.

Here I am years later, ready to do the same for you!

Working with me, you will have a safe space to express yourself, you will feel heard, you can share your truth in a non-judgemental environment and most of all, whatever your goals are - you don't have to do this alone. 

1 month (& up to 20 email replies)= £250

Would you like to know more before getting started?
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