3 Steps to Effective Post-Lockdown Team Reintegration

The success of any business starts with their employees, their happiness, their success and motivation. Now is the time for you to course-correct, or reinforce your practice culture. Your employees need your attention, dedicated communication and direction more than ever.


A successful veterinary practice can only be found through a team of enthusiastic and engaged employees. The success of your business starts with your employees, their happiness, their success and their motivation. 

Despite people's best efforts, there is simply not enough time in the day, and energy resources to access, for practice owners to dedicate enough quality time to coaching all of their individual team members and the huge range of professional and personal needs and desires.
Simply Veterinary Coaching offers veterinary practices unique ways of demonstrating their investment and commitment in their people, and an opportunity to significantly increase employee engagement and retention saving thousands upon thousands in unnecessary recruitment costs. 



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Your employees values drive their decisions, actions and behaviours. Their values underpin their life and career decisions, helping them make choices that they deem important, worthy, or desirable of their time and how they spend it.


It's very easy to assume that we know what motivates our team members, but more often than not our assumptions can be incorrect, meaning you could be attempting to motivate your team members in a way that isn't right for them. This leads to a whole host of challenges, resentments and disengaged team members. Unfortunately, we all know the impact just one disengaged team member can have on team morale, productivity and ultimately - staff retention.


There is so much power in knowing what your employees values are and what's important to them. Very simply, it means you can utilise that information to motivate, develop and retain your team.


My name is Rachael and I am the founder of Simply Veterinary Coaching.

I help practice owners hold onto their most valuable assets and cut down on the cost of unnecessary recruitment.

So it may come as a bit of a surprise that I am in fact the owner of a long-established specialist headhunting company, Simply Veterinary. It may seem counter-intuitive for me to say I help practice owners retain their staff when my business has been built on introducing vets to new jobs, right?

The thing is, it's inevitable that staff members will move on for further professional growth and development. If your practice cannot provide what someone needs to support the next part of their career, there's no sense in holding them back, no matter how painful the idea of letting them move on is. What I aim to reduce is the unnecessary recruitment to replace team members who have left simply for reasons that could easily be resolved otherwise. 

Unfortunately in the years I've been doing this, feeling undervalued has been an all too common theme in conversations with veterinary professionals UK wide. It doesn't matter if they are working in the fanciest of practices, with the latest toys and favourable weekend rota, they are not getting regular 1-2-1 contact with their boss, they are not receiving valuable feedback on their progress and performance, and they don't feel their employer is invested in their continued growth and development.


What better way to demonstrate your investment in your people by providing a dedicated Professional and Personal Growth Coach.


I have a passion for helping people and teams to become unstuck, to grow and thrive, to become more and achieve more. My mission is to take people on the incredible journey of transformation that coaching provides and arm them with valuable tools and resources to help themselves, and others. The industry is ready for a shift and I believe this comes from within.