5 signs you're on the brink of change

Living is all about change. We all face moments where we’re given the opportunity to drastically shift the course of our lives in order to live a life that’s more in tune with our needs and desires.

Moments like this are scary but encourage us to grow and evolve into healthier and more aligned people. And usually, they don’t come without warning.

Read on to discover 5 signs you might be on the verge of big change.

1. You’re going through an upheaval – whether it’s in your career, relationships or finances, you’re going through a period of great upheaval. This is usually an indication that a change of course is needed. Embrace this rocky period for the opportunity it is, and don’t be afraid to share stories of your struggles as this can help others get out of similar situations.

2. You’ve had enough – you’ve probably been thinking about making a change for a while but will only do so once you’ve truly had enough of your current situation. But what would truly push you over the edge? Let go of the past and have the courage to create a life you love.

3. You want more – you've probably asked yourself “shouldn’t there be more?” - more than paying bills and getting by, more than the same old boring routine. Life should be lived and enjoyed to the fullest – it’s a cheesy saying but it’s true, and you don’t want to realise it once it’s too late. Don’t be ground down by the daily grind or living for the weekend.

4. You’re living too small – big dreams don’t fit into small lives. You’re going to need to make some changes in order to make room for everything you want to do – whether it be a new hobby, travel, or self-improvement. If you’re feeling stunted or claustrophobic at the moment, it’s a sign to make a change.

5. It’s time... – maybe all your friends are quitting their jobs or moving countries. Perhaps you’ve been given an unexpected opportunity. These are all messages, telling you ‘It’s time!’, time to take that risk and make that change. What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to transform your life into the one you really want?

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