5 Ways to Make the Most of Furlough

Being on furlough certainly has its ups and downs. Some days you may be enjoying the slower way of life and some relaxation. Not something often enjoyed as part of a busy Vet’s life. And that’s exactly it. As someone who is used to being busy, after a while you may find yourself feeling frustrated. You’ve lost count of how may days you’ve been on furlough, have to check your phone to see what day of the week it is, and watched your favourite series, twice.

What else can you do to feel productive once again? Here are a few ideas:

Catch up on CPD courses

To engage your brain and start to feel stimulated once again, look for online CPD courses that you can work through. There are a number of veterinary courses currently being offered free online. If you want to explore a special interest in veterinary practice, or simply want to brush up on your knowledge in a particular area, now is the ideal time to do so. The bonus is that most courses are CPD accredited so you’ll be earning your CPD points as part of the process.

Get tech savvy

In many ways online technology is helping many businesses and veterinary practices remain afloat during lockdown. With the ability to communicate online through a variety of video conferencing platforms, Vets have been able to continue to conduct virtual consults. But it shouldn’t stop there. Being on furlough can be an ideal opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how technology can support veterinary practice. From medical advancements through to business and customer relationship tools. There are ways to automate and streamline many aspects of business operations and knowledge of how to accomplish this can be a valuable addition to your CV.

Start a new habit

Life as a Vet can sometimes be a bit of a juggle. Between work life and home life, there’s seldom time to pursue personal interests, or take time out for relaxation. Now, while you’re on furlough is the ideal time to start a new habit that can provide that short escape for when life gets busy again. Maybe you enjoy the quiet meditation of yoga or the challenge of pilates? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to master baking bread or French cooking. Browse online, find a cooking channel or signup for a specific master chef course. Do something your love and it becomes easier to entrench it as a habit.

Savour the calm

While not being busy may feel foreign, it’s a great opportunity to create magical memories with your family. Sharing a skill passed down to you from your mother to your children can be extremely rewarding. Whether it’s baking cookies or planting seedlings, those moments spent together, even if they are somewhat chaotic and don’t quite go according to plan are so worthwhile.

Read real books

While technology enables us to stay connected and up to date, sometimes it’s good to switch off. With kids becoming so addicted to screens it’s also a great opportunity to start new habits with them. Read stories together, make it a family time. But also enjoy the solitude of paging through your favourite genre. Perhaps it’s suspense, romance, science fiction or history, it doesn’t really matter. Stories help us to learn, gain new perspective, and escape our current reality for a while. If you feel the stress of furlough accumulating, turn a page and embark on a different journey, even if it’s only in your mind. It can be a wonderful way to relax.

Before the Covid-19 choas, perhaps you were one of the many veterinary professionals feeling overworked, undervalued, underpaid and underappreciated. Were you tired of running through life at 100 miles an hour and resentful of how little time you had to work on yourself and prioritise your own wellbeing, needs and desires? Perhaps you were already on the brink of burnout and thinking "there has to be more to life than this!"

For many people, furlough has been an opportunity to press the reset button on their life and career; to pause and reflect on how far they have come, and what they truly want moving forward and I have created the perfect solution to help you move towards your new future.

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