5 ways to stay focused in difficult times

Life can often bring about unexpected and rapid change.

Although sometimes this change may be positive (i.e. winning the lottery or getting that huge job promotion), change can also be unprecedented and difficult to accept. It can be tough to remain calm and stay focused in these less than ideal situations.

In any case though, you always have the power to change your outlook. You can let panic take over your mind at the expense of your life. Or, you can choose to see the situation from a different perspective by remaining positive and looking to the future as nothing lasts forever.

Read on to discover 5 ways to stay focused in difficult times.

1. Focus on the positives – the situation at hand may seem dire but no matter how bad it may be, there are always some positives you can draw on. It’s usually our unwillingness to look at them that blind us into thinking that a brighter side doesn’t exist.

2. Remain grateful and give thanks – spend a few moments to write down all that you are grateful for as things could always be a lot worse. This is the time to focus on what you do have as opposed to what you don’t.

3. Reach out to others – often we think we are alone in a situation and are stuck in a bubble. Take a breather and look around you. Chances are, there are many other people who are just as badly affected by the crisis. It’s good to talk and get things of your chest, but it’s also good to listen to others too as you can often help each other during your time of need.

4. Limit your news intake – we now live in a time where news is instant thanks to the worldwide web and social media. It is good to stay abreast of what is going on but being constantly fed with gloomy and depressing news is enough to make anyone panic. Try to limit your news consumption by setting time aside each day that you wish to tune in. If it helps, unfollow news, blogs or people that you know are likely to share things that could unsettle you.

5. Try to get enough sleep – sleep is vital for the human body to function but is often something we skip on when experiencing a stressful time. Although it may be hard not to, staying up all night and surviving on little to no sleep will only make things seem worse. To keep your energy levels up, you need more quality sleep during stressful times so you can remain clear-headed and focused on figuring out your next steps.

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