Emma's story...

Emma* is a 30-something full time veterinary professional who works hard, takes her life and career seriously (perhaps too seriously at times) but feels like there is something missing.

She shows up to work every day, she comes home and does her best to fulfil her role of girlfriend, friend, daughter and sister.

But she lives her life with an underlying niggling discomfort and a consistent sense of dissatisfaction, but she is not sure what to do about it, or where the heck to start. Although she feels the unspoken expectations of society make her feel small and insignificant, she conforms and does what she thinks she “should” do, all the while she notices resistance and resentment in her body.

Emma has spent most of her life feeling different. When observing others, she doesn’t understand how they move through life so “normally” when for her it’s like wading through treacle at times.

She focuses her energy trying to adapt to how she is expected to show up in society, but as a result she feels disconnected from who she really is. Emma has never really discovered who she is inside and therefore doesn’t really know what’s important to her. In turn, she doesn’t have much faith in herself to make big changes in her life.

She will try and make changes, because she is blessed with a stubborn streak and deep down recognises that there has to be a different way, but when it doesn’t manifest in the way she would like she believes the spark of motivation was just “hope” and that “people like her don’t deserve a happy life”.

In social situations, Emma is usually the quiet observer and doesn’t form new relationships easily. She doesn’t express herself unless she’s been able to establish that she is around the right people who will accept her. She believes her true self is something to be ashamed of and suppresses her wit, her uniqueness and quirkiness through fear of standing out and adding to the shame of feeling different.

Emma has reached a point in her life where she needs to try something different. She’s tired of being stuck, especially because she’s tried so much already.

She has a fire in her belly that will propel her forward into unlimited possibilities – if only she had clarity, purpose, guidance and direction. She begins to think outside of the box about where to seek help and resources.

She has always wondered about the purpose of her life and asked questions about the deeper meaning of things. She’s always felt like simply existing and going through the motions is just not an option. She craves to know more about herself, discover who is in there and all that she is capable of.

Emma is ready to leap into the unknown with a trusted guide by her side. She’s ready to go within, to look inside, to see who she is, understand what she wants and create a life that is driven by what really matters to her and her values.

Emma’s journey led her to begin life coaching with me. Of course, her story is by no means complete; coaching is a journey. At this point, she says, “I am finding out things about me, and meeting parts of myself I’ve not met before…I believe in myself…I can finally breathe…”

*Client name protected for confidentiality purposes.

Emma* wanted me to share her story to show others that they are not alone and to highlight the power of coaching. Sadly, a lot of people share the same feelings and experiences as Emma but feel like they are the only ones. Emma joined The Missing Peace program and is part way through her journey.

If you are inspired by Emma's story and want to talk about your journey, book a free coaching consultation with me today. I'd love to chat to you.

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