Let’s talk about procrastination!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Procrastination Is My Sin. It Brings Me Endless Sorrow Suffering. I Ought To Start Packing It In. In Fact, I Will Start Tomorrow Morning!

Do you decide not to do something at all rather than risk it not being perfect?

Do you tend to put things off that are important to you?

Do you feel overwhelmed by something and just don’t start?

The act of procrastination doesn’t always come from a bad place. In fact, in NLP we coach using the presupposition that every behaviour has a positive intention. Examples of the positive intention of procrastination include relaxation, fun, calmness, “being”, balance and peace etc. If you can uncover the positive intention, and accept its purpose for you, then you can negotiate with yourself about other ways of meeting this need.

Human beings are designed to move towards pleasure and away from pain, to adapt, and to survive. And when procrastinating, we are simply doing what we are designed to do, to escape something, or gain something. Focusing on the pain and pleasure of the consequences of completing or not completing a task, ask yourself these powerful questions:

  1. What will happen if you complete the task?

  2. What won’t happen if you complete the task?

  3. What will happen if you don’t complete the task?

  4. What won’t happen if you don’t complete the task?

Another useful way of overcoming procrastination is to close your eyes and imagine yourself working on the task and the actions that you would be doing all the way towards that moment in the future where the job is already done. What do you see, hear and feel at that moment in time? What do you notice about your feelings, your posture, the thoughts going through your mind? Play around with the image of that moment - make it bigger, move it closer, adjust the brightness, anything that makes the feelings of that moment intensify. Now, consider 3 benefits that you will obtain as a result of reaching the goal. Then, consider 3 benefits that you would obtain if procrastination would never be a part of your life again.

Is procrastination a problem for you?

It's an all too common problem that gets in the way of people going after what they really want, and it's an issue I frequently coach people through, as it shows up in a variety of ways and produces a variety of consequences.

Don't let procrastination cause you pain. Book a Free Coaching Consultation today to break the habit and create the life you really want.

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