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“I’m worried I’m too overwhelmed for my coaching session today.”

This week, one of my much valued clients said she was worried she would be too overwhelmed for her fortnightly coaching session.

She was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and confused about her life. She was lost, not knowing in which direction she was heading or what she wanted next from her life.

I told her she showed up to her coaching session PERFECTLY!

The coaching space is definitely not about showing up as your “best” self, it’s about showing up as your authentic self - completely as you are.

By the end of our time together she told me she was able to express her thoughts in a way that was right for her. She allowed them to come out just as they appeared in her mind. Some were concise; others she feared made no sense. But I saw what was happening…

Layer by layer we extracted those thoughts, observed them with love and compassion, and allowed them to show us what was underneath.

Once we removed those layers, we were able to see what was REALLY going on, what really wanted to emerge, and what needed to be seen and heard. And, it wasn’t what she was expecting.

She showed up in all her rawness and vulnerability and gave permission to be held safely in that space to express herself, release unhelpful energy, and make space for fascinating connections and insights to be made that she said in 45 years she’d never ever realised!

This is the power of coaching.

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. You can show up as you are, totally surrender and be held in a way that you’ve probably rarely felt in your day to day relationships.

It is my role (and my passion) to be truly and completely present with you, meet you in your world, go where you need to go, and to really see and hear you in a way you may not have been seen and heard before.

You may be reading this and realising that there’s something I’m talking about here that you need. If you’ve never had coaching before and feel curious about how it can support you, or if you have had coaching but feel ready to move to the next level with a new coach and a different style of coaching, then reach out to me.

Your next uplevelling begins the moment you decide to move a step beyond what’s been limiting you.

Book a coaching consultation with me. I’d love to hear your story:

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