Slow down to go further

Imagine a glass full of water scooped up from a puddle in a field. It's muddy and swirling around - rather like our daily lives, full of activity and messiness and life! But if you put that glass of water down and let it sit, it clears itself. STILLNESS allows the dirt to settle to the bottom and the water to clear.

Productivity is more than just DOING. To be most productive we actually need to pause and clear our thoughts.

By being still, by pausing and reflecting, clearing our minds, we will see what is most important. We will see what we can let go of, what we need to change, what we need to say no to, and what we need to say yes to. We need clarity so we can spot our hidden obstacles. Stillness allows us to adapt our plans and actions to the reality of what actually happens in our lives.

Some days can be a whirlwind, but you CAN find those moments, those 10 seconds to take a few deep breaths (5 seconds on the inhale, 5 seconds on the exhale, do that 5 times), to stare out of the window and go to a place of nothingness. The opportunities are there - don’t miss them by picking up your phone, cramming more information into your head or keeping your brain ‘busy’.

Give your brain a rest. Be still. Slow down for a moment in order to reflect, reset, adjust.

Sometimes you need to slow down to go further.

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