Stay Grounded, Stay Centred

Staying grounded during this challenging time begins with you, and the energy you give to the situation. It’s also important to be mindful of your energy and how that has an impact and influence on those around you such as loved ones, friends, colleagues and clients.

Summoning up positive energy to channel into a situation, and being calm, strong, and patient, helps you maintain a sense of stability and control, but also inspires others to follow the lead. Your emotional tone, and the way you show up in the world, has a ripple effect on those around you.

But where do you start with creating this optimal mindset?

It begins with your thoughts and perspective. It is about the thoughts you have about the situation and the perspective you choose to view it from too. Maintaining an optimal mindset will give you clarity and will help you to work effectively. Thoughts and perspectives that don’t serve your highest good, will directly affect your feelings, behaviours and your energy, and will be noticed and picked up on by others.

To stay grounded, it’s important to:

  1. Separate your emotions from the situation. You can observe a situation, but you don’t need to absorb the energy from it.

  2. Not participate in complaining about what’s happening. It’s possible to talk about a situation without highlighting the fears, worries and consequences associated with it.

By doing so, you are not giving your power away to the situation, and you maintain control over how you feel.

Any challenging situation you face can provide opportunity. Staying grounded, centred and disengaged emotionally from the situation will allow you to keep an open mind for new information, ideas, and opportunities that you could take advantage of.

Watch the situation unfold without emotional attachment and look for opportunities to add value to the situation and be of service to others.

You have the choice of what meaning you give to any situation and you get to choose how this situation shapes your mindset and your future.

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