The Power of Thought and Word

The words you speak (and write) have so much power. The power to create new possibilities or to shut them down. The power to empower, or disempower you and others. The power to lift people up, or bring them down.

While we navigate through the chaos in the world right now, it's important to protect your energy and using disempowering language drains you of vital energy resources and makes life feel harder than it needs to.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined. The more you talk about how "rubbish" something is, or how angry you are about something, the stronger the instruction you are giving to your subconscious mind to focus on exactly that.

You may also be a follower of the Law of Attraction and understand that you create your reality. Your thoughts and words become things.

“What you focus on grows.”

“What you think about expands.”

“What you write you invite.”

When you find yourself using self-defeating language, take a moment to reframe what you're saying to something more empowering and helpful. For example, if you feel something is impossible or that you "can't" do something, change this to "I'm in the process of figuring it out".

You can change "I should be ____" to "I could be ___ right now but I am choosing ___"

We live in our language so choose to speak in ways that bring out your best and make you feel more positive about your ability to do what inspires you and to change what doesn’t.

The more you reframe the way you think and speak, the more likely it is to become an automatic way of thinking and being. You'll more naturally go to a place of seeing the good in the bad and the opportunities in the chaos.

You will feel reassured that whatever is happening in your life is part of something much bigger. Whatever is going on for you is happening to up-level you, helping you become the person you need to be, to go in the direction you're meant to go.

Reframing your thoughts and words will change your world in a really positive way, and you can prompt some big shifts in other people's worlds too by inviting them to think and speak in a similar way.

If you would like some help to reframe your thinking, please don't hesitate to reach out for a coaching consultation.

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