"You can't always be in control, but you can be empowered"

I am a person, like many, that likes to feel some sense of control over my life and circumstances. However, having control over anything external to yourself is nothing but an illusion - it’s not possible for us to control everything.

The only thing we have control over is ourselves - our thoughts, emotions and reactions.

This quote shows you that not having control doesn’t mean you’re dis-empowered. It’s a reminder that in a state of vulnerability and uncertainty there are things you can do to feel empowered:

1) Stay open to possibilities and opportunities. In this receptive state you are more creative in your thinking and you’ll have a more expansive perspective of the world. Don’t focus on what isn’t happening or the ‘lack of’ something - focus on what’s possible and what you want instead.

2) Focus on who you are. Without uncertainty, you would never come to know so deeply who you are, what you stand for, what you value or how powerful you really are. Shifting the focus onto yourself will allow you to live authentically.

3) Have trust and faith in yourself. Trust empowers you to move towards your goals. Trust that you are resourceful. Trust yourself to take calculated action-driven risks and to make good decisions during times of uncertainty.

Empowerment is essentially about embracing the imperfect and understanding that during times of challenge you will evolve and grow in a way you have never before.

The coaching journey is very much about empowerment. It’s about being guided and cared for by a trusted and qualified adviser and personal cheerleader. A coach helps you organise your thoughts, connect with your true self and your hidden potential in this world, helping you move forward in an empowered and resourceful way.

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