Your external world is a reflection of your inner world

Have you ever heard of the concept 'perception is projection'?

It means that your perception of the world is actually a projection of what you carry inside. The world is a reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs. It's also where we see attributes that we possess showing up in other people.

This means, when a situation, or an interaction with a person triggers strong emotion inside of you, perception is projection helps you to realise that your strong emotion about the situation is probably about something unresolved inside of you. Or, it is highlighting an element of your personality that you dislike.

On a more positive note, it means that if you notice and appreciate kindness in someone else, for example, it's because it's a trait of your own personality too.

There are many ways to apply this to your life, such as your professional and personal relationships, and it is also useful during stressful times, when energy is heightened and everyone is on edge.

Let's take an everyday example...You're irritated by someone procrastinating about something, 'perception is projection' says look within to see how you're doing this in your own life. Where are you not taking action on something?

And do you know what the great thing is? Once you resolve the issue within yourself, the problem on the outside seems to fix itself too!

Knowing this, how does this change your view of recent conversations or situations that have left you feeling annoyed/frustrated?

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