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Like many practice owners, leaders, and managers right now, it's highly likely you're feeling stressed out, tired, and powerless when it comes to hiring new people. 

The last couple of years has magnified the existing recruitment crisis in the veterinary profession, and has highlighted the need for change. 

The impact of being understaffed has already had a negative impact on team morale, performance, client satisfaction, and the ability for your practice to stabilise, or even grow. 

It's time to take action!

Would you like to...


- take control of your recruitment and have a strategy for hiring great people, that works?

- find top talent for your practice without spending thousands on recruitment adverts or agency fees?

There is a different way...

To achieve this, you have to adapt and approach the candidate market differently, learn some new skills, create a new mindset, and take some different actions. 

The result is that you will have a strategy that will guarantee you stand out from the crowd and have your pick of the very best of vets and nurses out there. 

I have absolute certainty about this because what I'm teaching is based on my 10 years as the owner of Simply Veterinary Specialist Headhunters, a highly successful headhunting firm with an exceptional success rate of filling even the trickiest of vacancies.

My team can only help so many practices at once, so we're sharing our top secret strategies to help you, help yourself. 

The secret to success... to observe what most other practices are doing when it comes to recruitment, and do the opposite!

That is exactly how I built my business, and that is what I'm going to show you. 

I have absolute certainty of your success if you embrace a new way, and do it consistently. 


Recruitment Mastery

A powerful group coaching programme bursting at the seams with information and resources to take control of your recruitment. 

Step by step, I'll show you how to transform your recruitment strategy.

I'll tell you everything you need to know about getting recruitment ready, and getting recruitment right. 

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Master Your Employment Brand

With the right employment brand, you will have talent knocking on your door to come and work for you, rather than solely relying on adverts and recruitment agencies.

Create & Implement Your Recruitment Strategy

Stop relying on the same recruitment methods that no longer work. Create a strategy that ensures a consistent stream of interest from prospective candidates. 

Transform Your Interview Process

Move away from the one-size-fits-all approach to interviewing, and create a high touch process that creates a lasting impression.

Close & Retain

The process isn't complete once your new hire has signed on the dotted line. Protect your greatest assets and avoid unnecessary future recruitment costs with an ongoing plan for retention.

Are you ready to take action?

If you're ready, book an initial Recruitment Strategy Session with me today. 

During our 45 minutes together we'll explore where you are now, what you would like to achieve instead, what the obstacles are to successful recruitment, and how to overcome them. At the very least you'll leave with new ideas, perspectives, and an action plan you can implement immediately. But, if you're ready to go all in we can talk about how Recruitment Mastery can not only transform the future of your practice, but YOU too!

Where will you be 6 months from now if you do nothing at all?

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