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Do you want to know how to save thousands of pounds in unnecessary recruitment costs?


The secret lies in really getting to know your existing team.

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Do you know what motivates your team members to come to work every day?

It's very easy to assume we do, but the missing piece often lies in not understanding their model of the world.

You see, you might know that one of your vets is really motivated by success, but what does "success" really mean to them, and how can you make sure you provide opportunities for this in your practice so that they don't have to seek it elsewhere?


Research shows that employees are most engaged when...


They feel their employer has a genuine interest in them. 

They feel heard and acknowledged. 

They are working alongside motivated and engaged colleagues. 

"A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them."

Leading with Values

Gone are the days of 'one-size-fits-all' leadership. These days employees want your attention, dedicated communication and direction more than ever before. 

It's very easy to assume that we know what motivates our team members, but more often than not our assumptions can be incorrect, meaning you could be attempting to motivate your team members in a way that isn't right for them. This leads to a whole host of challenges, resentments and disengaged team members. Unfortunately, we all know the impact just one disengaged team member can have on team morale and productivity. 

There is so much power in knowing what is important to your employees, and what their VALUES are. Very simply, it means you can utilise that information to motivate, develop and retain them. 



Why Values are Important 

Our values drive our behaviour and they underpin our life and career decisions. Our values allow us to make choices that we deem important, worthy, or desirable of our time and how we spend it. So you can see why it's so valuable to have information from your employees about what is important to them!

Over the last 7 years working in my Specialist Headhunting firm (Simply Veterinary), feeling undervalued has been an all too common theme in career-focused conversations with veterinary professionals UK wide. Feeling undervalued or not having their needs met, has been a motivator to move on from a practice where they've otherwise felt pretty satisfied, leaving the practice owner with the task of advertising, interviewing and hiring their replacement. Often finding a new employee to replace someone with like-for-like experience feels like an impossible task in the current recruitment market, meaning you can end up with additional tangible and intangible costs of training and developing a lesser experienced vet or nurse.


The Solution

It's inevitable that team members will move on for further professional growth and development. If your practice cannot make changes to provide what somebody needs to support the next step in their career, there's no sense in holding them back.

However, when it comes to losing an employee because they've not spoken up about feeling that like their needs are not being met, or feeling undervalued, this creates unnecessary recruitment costs that easily runs into the thousands. 

My mission is to eliminate the costs of unnecessary recruitment associated with replacing team members who have left for reasons that could be uncovered, by simply understanding what is important to them and what makes them feel fulfilled and satisfied in their career and in your workplace. 



Here's how...


Step 1: Values Elicitation Process

I will conduct a thorough values elicitation process with each and every one of your employees (or a smaller selection if that is your choosing), using NLP and coaching techniques to uncover their values and find how best to motivate, develop and retain them based on their responses. 

Step 2: Team Values Report

You will receive a detailed report of each team member's results as well as feedback and guidance on how best to use the information to help maintain an engaged and enthusiastic employee. 




Step 3: Guidance and Support

I will ensure you have opportunities to check-in, ask questions and request further guidance for 3 months following this process. 




Why Outsource this Process? 

I am a qualified NLP Practitioner and Coach. The process of uncovering someone's values is NLP-led, using a range of linguistic coaching techniques to uncover what your employee is saying (or not saying) and what they really mean. 

Each session takes between 30-45 minutes, depending on how connected your employee is with their values. For individuals that haven't given their values much conscious thought before, the session may take between 60-90 minutes. This is because it may involve helping them to tap into and connect with the part of themselves that holds their beliefs (both positive and limiting) and coaching them through any barriers that arise to communicating their truth. 

Despite knowing the value and importance to this process (and the benefit it will have on you and your business moving forward), it might feel unrealistic to take up to 2 hours per employee to complete this. This time frame includes planning, conducting the session, post-session reporting and implementation. I appreciate that finding space and time in the day to dedicate to an undisturbed meeting is tricky, even with the best intentions. 

By outsourcing this process you will:

  • Save significant time, money and energy. 
  • Make your employees feel valued.
  • See a noticeable change in employee attitude and engagement.
  • Feel confident your employees are in qualified and experienced hands

Let's connect and discuss your needs.