Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching & Workshops
Recruitment Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership Coaching

ELEVATE yourself
INSPIRE change
SERVE powerfully  

  • Develop a clear sense of who you are as a leader.
  • Get in touch with your values to develop your leadership compass.
  • Upgrade the quality of your presence as a leader.
  • Take the right action, at the right time without second guessing yourself.
  • Feel less chaotic, and more productive.
  • Lead yourself so you can lead others effectively.
  • Your team is a reflection of you, so make YOU great!



Team Workshops

SUPPORT: Help employees to organise their thoughts and understand their emotions, actions and behaviours. 
EMPOWER: Build self-awareness and confidence, and create collective wisdom.
ENGAGE: Motivate and inspire your team and foster a culture of ongoing learning. 
ACCOUNTABILITY: Individual and team accountability to stay focused on the future.

  • Team workshops create space for discussion and problem solving around particular topics. 
  • They are interactive and engaging in order to create powerful new insights and thought, actions, and behaviours that will better serve people.
  • A workshop provides a coaching experience as well as practical advice and training.
  • You have to feel change for it to be meaningful and lasting so the content is designed to disrupt old ways of thinking, but it is not disruptive in its delivery.
  • Topics include but are not limited to: Communication, confidence, growth mindset, time and energy management. 

Recruitment Coaching & Mentoring

SPARKLE: Uncover your uniqueness to attract your people.
STRATEGY: Create a bespoke recruitment strategy and reduce your spend on agencies.
SYNERGY: Deliver a highly personalised and memorable interview process.
SUCCESS: Hire the right person, and keep them!

  • Find your practice's sparkle and develop a solid employer brand.
  • Understand your value proposition and communicate it confidently. 
  • Learn how to find, engage, nurture, attract, and convert top talent.
  • Create & implement your bespoke recruitment strategy. 
  • Engage with vets and nurses your competitors don't have access to.
  • Master the art of modern day interviewing.
  • Learn how to uncover people's true goals & motivations to hire the right person.
  • Make the right offer to the right person.
  • Navigate counter offer scenarios with ease.
  • Get off on the right foot with a memorable onboarding experience.
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