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Our recent survey of 6,500 vets and nurses across the UK revealed some shocking statistics:

  • A concerning 75% of respondents rated their team's communication quality as low.
  • The top issue identified was "team conflicts and strained relationships".
  • Alarmingly, 77% of veterinary professionals would consider leaving their job due to poor communication within their practice.

These findings highlight an urgent need for change, emphasising the importance of effective communication in enhancing team dynamics and overall practice success.

 In response to these challenges, we're excited to offer the Mindful Communication Mastery Workshop, specifically created for veterinary practice teams. This workshop is designed to address the issues highlighted in our survey and foster a more positive, productive workplace.

🧠 This isn't your typical communication training. It's a deep dive into the personal aspects of communication—the mental barriers, the fears, the unseen mechanics beneath our words. It's a 2-hour immersive experience, delivered in person to you and your team.🧠

Workshop Objectives 

  • Understanding Others: Colleagues will gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their team members, and clients, leading to more effective interactions and collaboration. 
  • Flexibility in Communication: Develop the ability to adapt your communication style to connect with diverse individuals, ensuring smoother relationships both within your team and with clients. 

Key Outcomes

  • Confidence Boost: Increase your team's confidence in communication, empowering them to express their ideas, concerns, and feedback effectively. 
  • Language Mastery: Strengthen language and language patterns to foster a positive and supportive team environment, even during challenging times. 
  • Overcoming Negative Narratives: Learn techniques to overcome negative narratives that may be hindering your team's performance, allowing you to work together harmoniously and efficiently.

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Workshop Investment: £950 
Where? In-person or online, depending on your location and preferences.
Duration: 2-hour interactive workshop.

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Coaching for Leaders

ELEVATE yourself
INSPIRE change
SERVE powerfully  

Suitable for aspiring, new, and established leaders.

Coaching for leaders provides guidance, self-awareness, skill development, and support in navigating the challenges and complexities of leadership and general practice life.  

  • Skill Development
  • Self-Awareness
  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Confidence
  • Accountability

✔ Develop a clear sense of who you are as a leader.
✔ Get in touch with your values to develop your leadership compass.
✔ Upgrade the quality of your presence as a leader.
✔ Take the right action, at the right time without second guessing yourself.
✔ Feel less chaotic, and more productive.
✔ Lead yourself so you can lead others effectively.
✔ Your team is a reflection of you, so make YOU great!

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Team Coaching

Are you looking for a unique way to nurture your team, help them grow, improve engagement, foster a culture of growth and positivity, and boost retention?

We have some powerful solutions for you:  

➡ Workshops

Interactive and engaging workshops centred around a key developmental focus within your team. 2-hour online or in-person workshops will delve deep into the chosen topic, and feature: 

  • Interactive group coaching sessions
  • Spotlight coaching opportunities for the adventurous
  • Engaging group discussions
  • Practical exercises for immediate implementation within the practice.

A workshop involves practical advice and training, as well as being a powerful team coaching experience. 

  A Private Coaching Community Exclusive to Your Team

A private online community were I maintain an active presence to consistently facilitate and drive your team's engagement towards their growth goals. 

✔ A hands on approach ensures your team receive a dependable source of guidance.
✔ We create a community where members feel seen, supported, and empowered to push beyond their limits. 
✔ Includes a comprehensive resource library to access and revisit coaching and growth tools as required. 
✔ We host transformative challenges catered to individual developmental desires, for example: '7 Day Confidence Boost'.
✔ Designed with tangible growth in mind: Every step forward is measured, celebrated, and built upon, with various assessments and feedback mechanisms.

Investment: Price is dependent on team size and length of commitment. Please book a consultation for a bespoke quote.

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