Leadership Discovery Masterclass

- with Rachael Paul, owner of Simply Veterinary Specialist Headhunters and Simply Veterinary Coaching

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I have been working with the veterinary profession since 2013 as the owner of Simply Veterinary Specialist Headhunters and in the last 2-3 years as a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner to the veterinary profession. During this time I have seen many vets reach a certain point in their career where they really start to think about their strengths and interests and begin to crave having more of an input and an influence over the standards of clinical and customer care being delivered to clients and their pets. Usually, around 3-4 years in you find yourself comfortable with the basics, handling most of what comes the door and then you start to think about the next level. This could be further clinical progression or by getting more involved with a practice - some do both. This is often about wanting to feel more of a sense of purpose and fulfilment in your role; to feel more of a sense of contribution. You feel a pull towards having a positive impact and really making a difference to the lives of pets and their owners, and for your colleagues too. Some describe it like an itch that can't be scratched by clinical work alone, and I show these people that much of what they are craving can be achieved by stepping into a leadership role. 

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This masterclass is for you if:

  1. You've had a passing thought about leadership before but quickly ruled it out because you thought you wouldn't be experienced enough, good enough, smart enough, resilient enough…
  2. You have taken on a leadership role, but the type of role you are in doesn't play to your strengths, but there are other parts of it that you really enjoy.
  3. The idea of a leadership role hasn’t even crossed your mind until you saw my email about this masterclass and your ears pricked up and you thought “hmmm….I have been thinking about what to do next, this might be worth checking out…just because I haven’t thought about it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be interested in it”.
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We are going to be answering questions such as:

1. What do you currently think and feel about leadership roles?

2. Where are you already a leader?

3. What are your strengths and interests when it comes to leadership?

4. What's important to you?

5. What's stopping you?

My wish for you upon leaving this masterclass, is that you:

  1. Uncover the untapped talent and skills you already have that will serve you well in a leadership role.
  2. Explore what might be holding you back and begin to break down the walls around those limitations.  
  3. Gain clarity on the type of leadership position you might be suited to based on live examples of leadership positions. 
  4. Form a plan of action on how to start developing in terms of leadership and what steps to take next.


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The Leadership Discovery Masterclass is no longer running live, however, I have a live replay available for you!

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