A long established, independent small animal practice in Abergavenny.

A full time vet position (part time considered) evolving into a role with increased responsibility according to YOUR strengths and interests, leading to a senior role and PARTNERSHIP. 

This FREE masterclass is a MUST if:

  • You're living the city life but craving a closer connection to nature. 
  • You want to live somewhere that offers more privacy, and space to BREATHE, but you don't want to compromise on your professional development. 
  • You love the veterinary profession and feel it's an amazing way to live your life.
  • You know that being a vet is really what you want to do and you want to make a difference. 
  • One day you want your own practice and run it the way you want to run it. 
  • You've been holding back from making big changes in your life, but Covid-19 has taught you anything can happen, and that anything is possible - NOW is the time!
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Imagine living on the doorstep of the Brecon Beacons, waking up on your days off and being able to take a short 5-10 minute journey down the road for a walk in true nature. 

Living and working somewhere like this enables you the time to enjoy where you are; it gives you more of a sense of privacy and space to breathe. 

Moving to a more rural setting does not mean compromising on your professional development. 

The practice owner and the team share a true vocational spirit. Bernice, the owner, has been a vet for 24 years and still has great love for being a vet and the profession. 

This role provides so much potential for you to grow, and the prospect of partnership is very real and achievable in the next couple of years.

The culture of this practice is centred about being an ethical practice and prioritising animal welfare. They are about making the pet better but taking a pragmatic approach to the needs of the pet and the client, being an advocate for both. 

Approach cases with full clinical freedom; achieving a balance between getting good diagnostics and using common sense. 

So many vets want to feel an increased sense of purpose and meaning in their roles; they want to have a voice and contribute to the journey and success of a practice and its team. If that's you - don't hesitate in joining the masterclass.

You don't know what you don't know...and right now you owe it to yourself to know the depth of detail I am going to share in this event. 


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A personal invitation from Rachael...

I've been changing the lives and careers of veterinary professionals since 2013.

You are in a job already and maybe perfectly settled, but there are still goals and milestones you would like to achieve. This is where I come in!

Being a Specialist Headhunter, I spend my time speaking to people just like you, who might be in a job already and comfortable, but who keep an open mind to opportunities that have something particularly special to offer and could add significant value to their careers or personal lives in some way. 

Simply Veterinary is not a traditional recruitment agency. We don't do volume recruitment. We work with a select number of practices at any one time that have something unique to offer. Any practice we work with goes through a strict vetting process. We want to know they have a vision, that they are invested in their people, that they truly care.

We pride ourselves on the depth of information we're able to share with people to help them decide if an opportunity is worth exploring. There's nothing worse than getting curious about the job market and choosing from an array of adverts that all look the same - how would you even begin to identify which practice matches your values, which practice offers the right culture and ethos? You're working blindly. 

In this masterclass, I'm going to share everything I know about this practice, and more. 

Grab a drink...sit back...and RELAX and watch. 


See you there

Rachael Paul



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