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Hi there! My name is Rachael and I am a Life Coach serving the veterinary profession. 

I have been a Life Coach for a few years now and prior to this I ran my specialist veterinary headhunting firm. For 8 years, I have been working with veterinary professionals at all levels in the industry, getting to know the lives and minds of people very well. 

I wanted to bring Life Coaching to the veterinary profession because I knew how much of a profound impact it would have on people's lives. I'm driven by helping people to become unstuck; to find a way of life that fits for them, not based on what others say they "should" or "shouldn't" do. My mission is to help veterinary professionals eliminate the stress of trying to be everything, to everyone, all of the time, and ultimately give the best of themselves to those who need them the most - including themselves!

You see, I've been where you are and it took me 10 painful years to overcome what was holding me back and I did it on my own. Like you, I've always been driven and motivated. I showed up for other people every single day but all the while I had a deep sense of dissatisfaction about what my life felt like. I was good at being "busy", working long hours, striving for perfection but continuously avoided emptying my emotional litter bin and therefore developed destructive habits to stick a plaster on those underlying problems. I didn't know how to switch off my brain and I certainly didn't know what spare time was, or what to do with it.

Does all of this sound familiar to you?

On the other side of this struggle, I reconnected with myself, discovered what was important to me, made values-based decisions and structured my life in a way that was right for me and my family - not based on what other people's "shoulds" or expectations were, or the expectations of society in general. Inviting positive change into your life doesn't mean changing or 'fixing' who you are. You work perfectly just the way you are right now. It's about changing your perspective on how you think about yourself and how you view the world, in order to live the life you want, on your terms. 

Working with me, I will show you how NOT to spend the next 10 years fighting with yourself and fighting with life. I will show you how to improve your relationship with yourself, give the best of yourself to others, set healthy boundaries, raise your self-worth, gain confidence and ultimately see the world and your potential within it with a new positive outlook.

If you're ready to make change, book a call with me and we'll chat further about how your life feels right now and how you want it to feel moving forward. 

Speak to Rachael

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The Missing Peace

A combination of online learning and 1 on 1 coaching to discover more about who you are, what you truly and deeply want in order to create a way of life that fits for you. In this 12 week program, we’ll explore your values, what’s deeply important, how to shape your life with meaning and purpose and we'll define your vision of the future and use the power of your subconscious mind to bring it to life. We’ll clear the path of anything you’re bumping up against and build an incredibly valuable self-coaching toolbox for you to take with you into your new future. The person who starts this journey is not the same person that finishes!


5 Steps to Work Life Harmony 

An affordable and flexible online coaching program that will help you prioritise what’s important and where to focus your energy, creating work life harmony in just 10 weeks. Learn how to find your flow again, switch off properly after work, enjoy guilt-free self-care time and activities and wake up every day with a sense of clarity and purpose.