6 Things You Need to Know About Coaching

mindset the power of coaching
  1.  Coaching is a mirror. 

One way of viewing coaching is that a coach holds up a mirror to you and then your world is reflected back to you. You just see it in a fresh new way, which then in turn allows you to tackle issues and identify areas for development and growth. It's a moment to pause and be curious about what you see and what you want to see moving forward.

 There's a great quote that I think sum this up really nicely:

 "Coaching is like a magic mirror. Reflecting what you are thinking, feeling and saying about everything in life. By working together, you'll understand your own mirror and break all the boundaries to become limitless."


  1. Coaching is a healing process.

 Whatever the goal or the vision that you're working towards in coaching, you will confront issues that have been holding you back and preventing you from creating the reality that you want. By facing what has been limiting you, you can then make space for new habits, new thoughts and beliefs that better serve the person you want to be and the life you want to live.


  1. It feels edgy at times.

 It would be pointless to have a coach who doesn't stretch you. A coach is there to help you grow and growth occurs as a result of leaning into the edges of your comfort zone. It challenges you, but it does so in a safe, supportive, judgement free space, which often isn't available to you in your everyday life.


  1. There's often a breakdown before a breakthrough.

 Sometimes the journey you go on as a result of coaching can feel quite messy. Some people think that by having a coach you're going to find all the solutions you need. You're going to implement them and you're going to have immediate access to this new way of life or this goal that you've been wanting to achieve. But what happens along the way is that you have to let go of things that don't serve you or serve who you're becoming. There has to be a breakdown of the old to make space for the new and this can be old ways of thinking, old ways of being, relationships, friendships, a job even.

 Some of the things in your life right now will no longer resonate with your vision of the future and you simply begin to outgrow them and you have to leave them behind. This is one of the reasons that change feels so uncomfortable, and why having a trusted guide by your side walking the path with you is incredibly reassuring and empowering.


  1. Personal development is not a linear process.

 Sometimes people think that coaching is going to fix them and that issues and challenges they've carried with them all these years will fade into the distance, never to be seen again. 

Sometimes you will tackle something challenging and you'll feel an immediate sense of relief, see tangible change in your life and how you show up to it. Then, a few months later the same issue bubbles up again, and it would be really easy to punish yourself or think that coaching isn't working. The truth is it's not you and it's not the coaching. You've actually been brought back to this issue because there's more for you to learn from it. There's another layer that needs to be revealed that perhaps you weren't ready for before. It's normal, you're not broken, and you don't need fixing.


  1. You have to show up for yourself, even when it's hard.

 Sometimes people think that coaching is something that you have when you're in a good place and you want to work towards all these amazing goals. That could be true to say of some coaches who work more at surface level. They focus on accountability, and very simply that's what coaching is about. But for me, the deeper we can go and the messier it gets the better, because on the other side of chaos is clarity.

 At the beginning of any coaching relationship, I say to my clients that they are going to bump up against themselves in ways they haven't before or in ways that just make them feel really uncomfortable. I ask them to make a commitment to themselves to show up regardless of how they're feeling. I ask them to show up as they are.

 This is why finding the right coach is so important because your coach is someone you essentially bare your soul to.



My area of expertise is working with leaders in the veterinary profession. My clients are typically senior/lead vets, clinical directors, practice owners, senior/head nurses. 

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