Are you being energy efficient?

time management

Credit: Rich Litvin

The topic of energy is more relevant in today's world than ever because of the ever increasing demands that seem to fill our plates. As caring and compassionate people, veterinary professionals want to please, and want to make a difference in people's lives, but this can often lead to being overcommitted but under-resourced.

We know that time is a finite resource, so I don't believe time management is the solution to the challenge of being overcommitted. The resource we can play with here is energy. Energy can be expanded and renewed, but first we must identify what expands our energy and what drains it.

By completing this exercise, you will see where you're not being efficient with your energy and can therefore make adjustments where necessary or let go of things that don't serve you. Sometimes it's only tiny tweaks and adjustments that are the difference that make the difference.



Make a list of all the people, places, things, habits, behaviours or rituals in your life that FILL you with energy.

Make a list of all the people, places, things, habits, behaviours or rituals in your life that DRAIN you of energy.



Taking each thing that drains you, ask yourself: 

  • What could I do to reduce or remove this from my life?
  • How could I turn this activity that drains me into something fun, that expands my energy?
  • Out of the above, what are the top 2-3 things I can commit to doing this week that will make a difference?
  • What’s the 1 thing I commit to doing this week to expand my energy?



  • Take yourself into the future - 1 week from now, imagine you’ve called me on the phone and you’re excitedly sharing with me what’s happened as a result of taking these actions.
  • What are you saying to me?
  • How are you feeling?
  • What’s shifted in your life as a result of your commitment to yourself?



Come back to the present moment and, as one of my favourite books (The Slight Edge) says, "Do the things and have the power!"