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Recruitment is an interesting topic right now; it has almost become a word people dare not speak in the industry.

It's not going that well for a lot of practices, for a combination of reasons, many of which definitely existed before COVID came along.

I've been working with the veterinary industry for almost a decade now, finding high calibre vets for practices across the UK, and coaching practice owners and leaders around being the best leaders they can be to create happy and healthy teams.

I know there is a way to get really good at recruiting and perhaps more importantly recruiting the right people.

I've identified four areas that if you give them your time, energy and focus will result in a fully resourced veterinary practice with happy, healthy vets, pets and clients.

How does that sound?

  1. Your employment brand.
    • With the right employment brand you can have talent knocking on your door to come and work for you rather than having to rely on adverts and recruitment agencies.
  2. Your recruitment strategy.
    • Reactive recruitment does not work anymore. You need to have a proactive strategy that gives you a consistent stream of interest from prospective candidates.
  3. Your interview process.
    • Perhaps one of the biggest investments of your time is your interview process. It must be high touch and create a lasting impression.
  4. Closing the deal with your ideal candidate.
    • The process isn't complete once your new person has signed on the dotted line, you've got to protect your greatest assets and avoid unnecessary future recruitment costs with an ongoing plan for retention.

If you're a practice owner, leader, or manager, and you want to find out if you’re recruitment ready, if your practice is recruitment ready, take my scorecard and I'll show you the missing pieces of your recruitment puzzle and the blind spots that are holding you back from being able to find high calibre, vets and nurses for your team.

It takes just two minutes, it's completely free, and I'll send you a personalised report that provides you with guidance on where to improve and how.

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