Are you trying too hard?

Having practised a piece of music on the piano for a while and going over the same tricky section time and time again, I found the more I tried to get it right the more mistakes I was making. 
Eventually, I decided to take a break and come back to it a few days later. 
When I returned to the piano later in the week, that tricky part I was stumbling over rolled off my fingers with no effort whatsoever. Why? Because I wasn't trying to get it right.  
Then, because I had played it so beautifully I wanted to replicate that success, but on the second, third, and fourth attempt it was like Edward Scissor Hands was trying to play.
All of this provided two great insights for me, and I thought they would resonate with you too:
1. You can get it wrong by trying too hard to get it right. 
2. To tackle complex things, you have to show up in a state of simplicity. 
Where in your life are you showing up too attached to getting something perfect?
What do you need to take a break from to refresh and reset, so you can come back to it and tackle it from a different state of being?