Do you have a need for speed?

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I’ve been working for a while now on my ‘need for speed’.
You see, for a long time I was striving for something that always felt out of reach, so I thought I had to work harder and quicker to get it.
I found that I did a lot of things quickly because I didn’t have time. Or, whatever I was doing wasn’t deemed valuable enough to be deserving of my quality focus and attention, especially if it wasn’t work related, because then it felt like I wasn’t being productive.
Although this is something I’ve been aware of and working on for some time, today I found an old pattern had crept back in…
I had decided to take a break from my desk and go outside for a walk. The sun was shining and it was a lovely day. 
I set the intention to walk around to my local farm shop, get a takeaway coffee, and walk through the fields and say hello to the goats and alpacas.
I was very fortunate not to have any real time limitations to my trip out, but on the way I noticed a familiar sense of urgency in the pit of my stomach. I tuned into that feeling to explore what it was trying to tell me, only to find that I was telling myself I should be walking faster because if I get there quicker, I can get back to my desk quicker and carry on with the mountain of work I still had left to do.
While I definitely do tend to have a lot of work to do, it wasn’t true that I needed to be walking faster or get home quicker. Not in the slightest.
As I had consciously tuned into this behaviour and thought pattern I could then consciously reframe my thoughts and change my behaviour.
Taking that walk was vital to me going into the afternoon feeling refreshed and being able to serve my coaching clients in the way they need me to. It was vital that I allowed myself that break to process my thoughts and get space from my work, which I know allows for more creativity to flow through me.
Still, after all these years and all the development I’ve done, an old pattern crept back in. I’m obviously well placed to spot these things quickly.

Working with a coach means you will be able to understand more about your own patterns, breaking down the ones that don’t serve you, and forming new empowering patterns and beliefs. Your coach is someone who can catch old patterns creeping back in and challenge your thinking when they sense disempowering language. 
I invite you to check in with yourself as you go about your day to day life. What are you rushing through? Why are you rushing through it? How can you slow it down and enjoy the present moment more, instead of chasing the future?