The #1 Confidence Trap

Do you ever find yourself falling into the trap of saying, "I will feel more confident when ______"
...when I lose 10lbs
...when I earn more money
...when I am better at XYZ
...when other people validate my successes
...when life is going my way
...when I stop making mistakes
...when the future is more certain
The next time you get a sense that you're leaning in to any of the above statements, I invite you to catch yourself and reframe what your voice of doubt is telling you and say, "I am already confident, and BECAUSE I am confident I will...lose 10lbs/earn more money/be better at XYZ!)"
How you show up to anything will determine your results. Some things happen in spite of how confident you feel, but a lot of things happen BECAUSE of how confident you choose to feel.
Being confident doesn't mean you're not scared. It doesn't mean you're not worried that things might go wrong. Confidence is being scared and worried but having the strength and courage to do it anyway.