What if it were easy?

mindset the power of coaching
I asked this question in a recent coaching session and it stopped my client in their tracks and changed everything. We sat in pure silence for a few moments while they processed the shift that just occurred in their being...
"What if it were easy?" 
We are conditioned to believe that life is hard. We believe that nothing worth having comes easy and that we must suffer before we are rewarded. We believe to have success we must make huge sacrifices.
But if life were actually just, easy...how would it be different?
What would life FEEL like?
How would you show up each day?
What would be possible if you let go of how you’ve been told it “should” be and just let it be what it is....easy?
Life being easy is a state of mind, a state of being. If you believe it’s easy, then so it is. What you seek is what you see.